All You Ever Wanted to Know About Rug Cleaning

We clean rugs with a mild detergent that is specific for your rug. Not all rugs are made the same, so they require different cleaning detergents. All rugs get thoroughly dusted and vacuumed before being washed or steam cleaned. Once the dust is removed, we proceed with the option you have chosen to clean your rug. In almost all cases, hand-cleaning is involved. Our 3 rug-cleaning options are described below. For more details please talk with one of our helpful staff.

Option 1: Standard Maintenance Clean

First we pre-inspect and colour-test your rug. We then vacuum and use our RugBadger to dust your rug for a minimum of 15 minutes. This process removes dirt and debris from the rug. The rug is then pre-spotted in order to remove difficult stains. Finally, we clean the rug using our Ph balanced shampoo specially designed for the rug fibre. Fringes are cleaned separately. The rug is then dried with warm air for maximum luster.

Option 2: RugBadger With 4 Times the Clean

This clean is designed for those rugs that have issues but are not suffering from pet odours. It provides the best clean without the cost of using the Rug Spa. First we pre–inspect and colour-test your rug. We then vacuum and use our RugBadger for a minimum of 15 minutes, and up to 1 hour if required. After the rug comes off the grids it is vacuumed again with a motorised vacuum head with beater bar attachment and heap filters. The rug is then pre-spotted in order to remove difficult stains to the best of our ability. Finally, the rug is steam-cleaned with our specially designed hot water extraction machine. This is done up to 4 times over several days. The rug is cleaned and then hung on our drying racks each time. The rug is also sprayed with our fogging machines with a master fibre conditioner each time for maximum luster.

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Option 3: Rug Spa Treatment

Your rug gets all of the treatment described in Option 2, but before it gets steam-cleaned it is soaked in our Rug Spa, a pool designed to soak out all of the impurities. The Rug Spa is great for removing pet urine and abnormal odours. The rug is then dried in our drying room and returned odour-free.