Your Rug Cleaning Questions Answered

This page provides answers to frequently-asked questions about the rug cleaning services provided by Mackay Carpet Care and Restoration Services.

Where are you located?

Mackay Carpet Care and Restoration Services is conveniently located at 47 Gregory Street, Mackay, which means we are central enough for you to drop off your rugs, mattresses, lounges and cushions. We offer ample parking space as well. If this is not convenient for you, we can arrange pickup and delivery of your rug.

Can you pick up and deliver my rug?

Sure we can! If you have more than 5 rugs we can pick them up for free, saving you $80.00. You can save 10% if you drop in 3 or more rugs as well. We pick up rugs from all over Mackay. Talk to one of our friendly staff for more information.

How much will it cost to clean my rug?

Rug cleaning is priced at different rates, depending on size, fibre construction and standard of clean. That is why we offer 3 options to suit everybody’s budget. When you ask for a quote, make sure that you measure the rug, including the fringes, and check the identification tag on the back.

How long will it take to clean my rug?

Cleaning and washing a rug is a delicate process, and the process does not get rushed. We always allow 7 to 10 working days for most rugs. Some hand-made rugs can be longer. We offer several cleaning options. Option 1, our ‘Standard Maintenance clean’, is a 24-hour turnaround. Talk to one of our staff to see what is involved in this procedure, or see the Rug Cleaning Options page for more details.

How do you clean my rug?

Please see the Rug Cleaning Options page for descriptions of how we can clean your rug.

Our services come with a 100% money-back guarantee

How often should I clean my rug?

It is important to clean your rug regulary at home. A vacuum cleaner is sufficient for weekly maintenance of at least 3 times a week. All rugs require cleaning as they live on the floor. Regular cleaning can also include taking the rug outside and beating it over the clothesline. Beating with a large paddle-style object is great for dislodging dirt and grit. However, this is not recommended for damaged or weaker rugs. Cleaning gives your rug new life and keeps your family indoor life healthy! Rugs should be professionally cleaned twice a year.