“Thank you all for your speedy assistance. My shop is the bread and butter for my family and your quick help saved thousands of dollars and ensured that I kept trading. May you and all your staff enjoy a wonderful Christmas and God bless you all.”

SM, Mackay

After our meeting in Rockhampton, I travelled to Mackay specifically to have a short visit with Scott McFadzen of Mackay Carpet Care and Restoration Services, before returning to Melbourne. I had met Scott while he was here in Melbourne teaching a water restoration course to his professional colleagues. My discussions with him indicated that he was very knowledgeable and experienced.

My purpose in visiting, frankly, was to identify a Contractor in North Queensland with the ability to appropriately manage a complex drying/restoration project in keeping with an appropriate standard of care. There are times when I need to partner with someone in Scott’s industry, and finding a good contractor, which is not always so easy, can be essential to proper completion of the job. Given that I was only a short flight away from Mackay …

In my few short hours, I had the opportunity to meet a number of his staff, tour the facilities and get a feel for the amount and type of equipment the company maintains. Scott’s wife Ros works in the business as well. I knew from Scott’s bio that he had devoted a significant amount of time and money (including taking several courses in the U.S.) to train himself in professional water and mould remediation.

The course completion certificates on the wall indicated that many of his staff had also been through essential water and mould training, that most of his staff had been with him for many years, and from walking through the warehouse, that a sufficient amount of high-quality and well-maintained equipment was available. Incidentally, the offices and warehouse were spotlessly clean and well-organised. All in all, I was as favourably impressed with the rest of the business as I was with Scott’s knowledge.

Getting a properly trained and equipped restoration contractor aboard is the first essential step following a water release incident, residential or commercial, as we all know. Their actions can minimise or eliminate the potential for mould further down the line, and their screw-ups can turn a small loss into a much bigger one. (Believe me, I see plenty of those.) For complex commercial jobs, more often than not, I end up working with remediation contractors as members of the response team, and I need to know that I can depend upon their professional judgment.

I write this email by way of introduction, as I believe that you have an excellent resource available up there and I wanted to pass on Scott’s details. I have added his email above.

Too bad it was only a few short hours in Mackay, I got back to Melbourne and it was 9 degrees and raining … you guys have it pretty good up there in Paradise!

BP, Validair Sciences

Hideaway Bay mud slide

Hideaway Bay mud slide

“After some recent flooding triggered a mud slide, water, mud and debris came through my whole house. Mackay Carpet Care was appointed by my insurance company to deal with the mess. Your team members were professional, quick and clean. They brought my home back to perfect condition.”

JB, Hideaway Bay

“I just wanted to say that I was utmost impressed with the job you did on my lounges on Monday. I didn’t think they would even come close to looking like brand new but you’s have done that – made them like new again!! So thank you and I will be highly recommending you to family and friends when the time comes.”

CL, Andergrove

“Our journey throughout the flooding of our home and the associated traumatic after effects has remained tolerable over the past 6 months due to the professionalism of Scott and his team. We remain grateful for their guidance, empathy, respect, and most of all, their dedication to their craft. Thank you guys for being the amazing team that you are. I feel we could not have done it without your support.”

VP, Mackay

“I would like to say that your contractor Scott, working for Network Restorers during the Mt Isa storm event, has been utterly professional and accommodating to work with. Top quality knowledge, support and hard work under trying conditions. Thank you. ”

Red Earth Hotel, Mt Isa