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Do yourself a favour and engage Scott, Roz and the Mackay Carpet Care and Remediation team. Whatever you need, a small lounge clean or an entire house rebuild after Tropical Cyclone Debbie (TCD) – both of which were our case – the dedication and care is the same.

For those who would like to know the details …

Only now reaching the end of our TCD experience, I wanted to write a review for Scott and his team. It should be easy. They are totally professional. They do what they say. They have probably forgotten more than most people have ever learnt when it comes to remediation, mould, water damage, furniture removals, and since I jumped on the website, so many other aspects to the business that I would have never imagined. In a world where customer service is declining they are champions. But it goes beyond that. Scott actually listens and with Roz, actually cares. Their whole team treat you like one of the family in achieving the correct and best outcomes possible. They turn up when they say. They double check everything. They return your calls. They are polite and considerate. They plan ahead and keep you in the loop and up to date. They smile and laugh and are happy and engaged with what they do. They call to see how you are managing. Who does that now days? They don’t promise what they can’t deliver, and over deliver on what they promise.

What makes a review difficult is that without sounding gushy it is hard to describe in brief (which this is not) the intangible qualities of the business and the service they offer.

When TCD hit we had no idea of what was in store for us. We were being faffed about, treated like a number, delayed, ignored and lied to by other parties in for the quick buck, or to reduce costs. If you’ve been there you will relate. Then along came Scott and his amazing team. Scott DID know what was to happen, and he HAD done this before. He had the superior knowledge, the knowhow, the men, and just as importantly the empathy and desire to understand. He said ‘This will be a long journey but you will come through’. He was right.

Firstly he listened and investigated. The mould issue we were told was non-existent by others, but made us so sick we were almost hospitalised proved to be serious once he flew in the expert scientist / hygienists from Melbourne. Reports from leading companies in their field, with outstanding credibility means they cannot be ignored or fobbed off by those it does not suit. We were accommodated elsewhere immediately and Scott jumped into action with his monster drying units and remediation plans. Working closely with Fen and Suncorp the wheels began to turn.

Our once beautiful timber floor which we were initially told by others could be ‘sanded’ was proven to be beyond repair or remediation, and on Scott’s indisputable recommendations for structural reports was eventually removed down to the joists, the ground remediated, entire area purified, serious groundworks done and gravel put down before a new floor and walls etc. were replaced completely. This meant we were moved to Large Loss and the ace client manager team at Suncorp. Thank you Scott.

Prior to this Scott and his team packed EVERY last item in the house and moved them into storage ( for over 2 years), cleaning and remediating books, clothes, linen, furniture etc. etc. as needed. All returned now in pristine condition and even a breakage by a third party replaced faster than we could imagine.

During the hustle and bustle of works and reconstruction somehow there was now a flood gushing throughout the kitchen and open area of the house - on a weekend!! Again Scott and his team came to the rescue. Without a pause and despite a two hour drive all of a sudden the floor had commercial drying equipment in situ. They should all wear capes! Unfortunately the just laid new floor was beyond repair and replaced again, but not without the OK by the remediation experts.

I was surprised when I looked on Carpet Care’s website that there were not masses of fabulous reviews. I realized that like me, by the time you reach the end and the mental trauma you try to block it out of your mind. I nearly did the same.

Almost three years later we are back in our house, soon to sign off on the whole experience. I am reminded again that none of this would have happened or been possible without Scott and his team. We would be living in a tent at the bottom of the garden whilst our house sat destroyed and ignored. When you are overwhelmed and no one is listening, it is difficult to explain how reassuring it is to have a calm, rational, superiorly intelligent and capable, empathetic friend to see you through. Nothing could come close to describing how Scott and his team have impacted our lives. In time we will possibly forget some of the more traumatic of the details, the sleepless nights, the fear of not having a home to live in, but we will never forget Scott and his team.

For anyone still reading, and there can’t be many this far in, if you need a personal recommendation, I am happy to give you one. We have been so fortunate and why shouldn’t other people know and share this rare experience.

M&G, Cannonvale

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M&G, Cannonvale