Mackay Crime and Trauma Scene Clean-Up

The impact of traumatic events can be powerful and long-lasting. Persons who are associated with the incident will likely suffer emotional stress while attempting to clean the scene of a traumatic incident. Survivors who try to clean a trauma scene are also exposing themselves to health risks.

Mackay Carpet Care and Restoration Services has established a separate division especially for providing 24/7 accident and trauma clean-up support. Mackay Crime and Trauma Scene Clean-Up are the trauma cleaning professionals in Mackay and throughout the Central Queensland coast. We are ready to respond quickly to your call 24 hours a day, every day. Examples of our services include:

Mackay Crime and Trauma Scene Clean-Up believe in the importance of helping trauma survivors avoid exposure to biohazards, including bloodborne pathogens and bacterial contagions, which are often present at a trauma scene.

We use the latest disinfectant technologies to safely restore each scene to the pre-incident state and use the latest in odour removal.

We help to protect our clients from emotional distress, we reduce the potential of exposure to infectious disease, pathogens, and we do our best to provide what we believe is a basic act of kindness and compassion to people in a time of need. Communication, discretion and respect are paramount to everything that we do.

Call Mackay Crime and Trauma Scene Clean-Up on 07 4957 8124 for trauma scene cleaning. We are willing to travel to Townsville and as far west as Longreach if required. No matter what the situation is, our experienced specialists have the knowledge, skills, equipment and sensitivity to handle this kind of job professionally and with minimal emotional stress to the family.

Dealing With a Trauma Scene

If you are faced with the challenge of dealing with a crime scene or trauma scene, the following tips might help you through this difficult time.

1. Stay away from the scene and do not attempt to clean it without professional assistance.

2. Try to locate the home-owner’s insurance policy. It will help us to have the name of the insurance company and the policy number.

3. If possible, ask a friend to take photos of the scene. These pictures can be e-mailed to our office and will help with cost estimation if we are unable to visit the scene.

4. If you are too upset to speak with us, ask someone else to contact us on your behalf. They can relay to you all the information you need.