Mackay Mould Removal

If you have a mould problem, act quickly! Mould damages what it is growing on. The longer you leave it, the more damage occurs. The health hazards of mould contamination, along with the spores, mycotoxins and microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOCs) it produces in commercial and residential spaces, are well documented.

Although mould and other microorganisms are part of our natural environment, when they invade a contained environment like a commercial or residential building, their presence can contribute to so-called Sick Building Syndrome.

Moulds have the potential to cause health problems. Moulds can produce allergens, irritants, and sometimes potentially toxic substances (mycotoxins). Many common building materials can become ideal breeding grounds for fungal growth, including Aspergillus, Stachybotrys and Penicillium.

Once an outbreak of mould takes hold, it can cause untold damage to structures by penetrating deeply into walls and floors, creating health hazards for occupants.

Mould Damage

Mould growth can cause structural damage to any building if a mould or moisture problem is not addressed for a long perod of time. In the case of a long-term roof leak, for example, mould can weaken floor or walls as the mould feeds on wet materials. If you suspect that mould has damaged the integrity of your building material, you should consult an engineer or another professional with the expertise in this area.

What We Offer

  • 24-hour emergency water extraction
  • Specialised drying of carpets and building structure
  • Cleaning and restoration of water-affected contents
  • Moisture inspection and detection
  • Structural building drying
  • Sewage clean-ups and decontamination
  • Timber floor drying and restoration
  • Mould remediation
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning

Prevention is Best

It is impossible to completely remove mould and mould spores from our indoor environment, due to the fact that they are part of the environment we live in. But indoor mould should be prevented by controlling the moisture we have indoors.

A moisture-controlled environment is the key to mould control. Water ingress can be from many sources that are not regularly seen such as:

  • leaking pipes
  • high humidity
  • leaking roofs
  • construction defects
  • faulty solar panel installation
  • poor maintenance; and
  • condensation

If you have mould, you need to remove it straight away and fix the water problem. If the problem is not fixed properly, the mould will return.

Mould Containment Experts

The technicians at Mackay Carpet Care and Restoration Services are specialists in mould containment for critical areas such as hospitals and other health facilities. We can build mould containments to suit the exact perimeters that you specify. As shown in the accompanying images, we have experience building mould containments to meet the requirements set by hygienists, hospital liaison personnel and building facility managers. Contact Mackay Carpet Care and Restoration Services for more information about our specialised services.

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